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The role of residential contractors, who install heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems in homes and condominiums, is becoming more complex. No longer just the people who install furnaces, these contractors must be knowledgeable not only about heating, but also about ventilation, humidification, cooling, and indoor air quality, And, they must be able to design systems specifically suited to each project.

Residential contractors must be able to integrate the latest technologies such as high-velocity systems, in-Hoor radiant heating, and combination systems. That is why the Toronto-Residential Air Handling Group is now known as the Residential Heating Ventilation Contractors Association (RHVCA).

The board of directors felt a rebranding was necessary, to better reflect the scope of workof today's heating contractors. "It's not just going out and putting in a furnace, and hanging ductwork like the old days. A lot of people don't understand that it's a lot more involved in the process of selecting a proper heating system," says RHVCA Executive Director Domenic di Battista.

Though its name is new, the group's history dates back to September 4, 1968, when

the Residential Sheet Metal Contractors Association was incorporated as a non-profit trade association, to represent nine member contractors in any matters pertaining to the residential sheet metal industry.


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